Dr. Nilam H Thaker

Dr Nilam Thaker is a Consultant Pediatric Nephrologist at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She has been practicing Pediatric Nephrology exclusively since last 8 years at Ahmedabad. She is one of the handful pediatric nephrologists in the state of Gujarat. She has her private clinic for consultation and she is attached to various hospitals in Ahmedabad.

After completing MD (Pediatrics) from Baroda Medical College, MS University in December 1996, she took experience of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care at various hospitals in Mumbai till 1998. There after she rendered her services as consultant Pediatrician at Surat till 2006.

She started her carrier in Pediatric Nephrology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi from 2007. Initially she worked as a senior research fellow in department of pediatric nephrology at AIIMS and subsequently she got IPNA (International Pediatric Nephrology Association) fellowship at AIIMS. She completed her fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology in Jan 2009.

She is practicing exclusive Pediatric Nephrology since June 2009 at Ahmedabad.

She is a member of Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, International Pediatric Nephrology Association, and Asian Society of Pediatric Nephrology She is actively involved in dissemination of the knowledge of pediatric nephrology by participating in various academic activities.

Clinical experience:

In last 10 years spent exclusively in field of Pediatric Nephrology, she gained a vast experience in various aspects of pediatric kidney problems.

  • Management of emergencies like acute kidney failure, severe hypertension, severe electrolyte(sodium, potassium) imbalance etc
  • Management of patients with Nephrotic Syndrome including frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome as well as steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome.
  • Management of patients with nephritic syndrome
  • Management of patients with hematuria (blood in urine) and proteinuria (protein in urine)
  • Management of patients with recurrent urinary tract infections and also identify the risk factors which has led to UTI (e.g. structural kidney problems like vesicoureteric reflux, posterior urethral valve etc, bladder dysfunction, stones). If not recognized and treated early it may lead to renal deterioration on long term.
  • Management of patients with renal tubular disorder e.g. renal tubular acidosis, Bartter syndrome (present with failure to gain weight and height, high urine output as well as high water intake, repeated dehydration with sodium and potassium imbalance)
  • Management of patients with kidney stones (pediatric patients with kidney stones require medical management to prevent recurrence as most of the patients with stones have some form of metabolic problem which can be usually identifiable and treatable)
  • Evaluation and management of hypertension (in majority of pediatric hypertensive patients, cause of hypertension is due to the kidney related problems)
  • Management of conditions with cysts in kidneys (polycystic kidney disease, multicystic dysplastic kidneys)
  • Medical management of post surgical cases of pediatric urosurgery e.g. posterior urethral valve, vesicoureteric reflux, pelviureteric junction obstruction etc. many of these patients are having damaged kidneys which leads to proteinuria, hypertension and progressive deterioration of kidney function which initially not picked up by doing S.Creatinine (which rises very late!!). In such cases renoprotective measures are required in form of medical management.
  • Management of patients with chronic kidney failure (in whom no chance of reverting kidney function to normal). They require long term medical management followed by renal replacement therapy in form of dialysis, kidney transplant
  • Various procedures
    • Dialysis (Peritoneal dialysis/hemodialysis)
    • Acute peritoneal dialysis/hemodialysis in case of acute kidney failure
    • Chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis/hemodialysis in case of chronic kidney
    • Failure
    • Plasmapheresis
    • Kidney biopsies
  • Management of kidney transplant including pretransplant work up and post transplant management.
  • Management of patients with autoimmune kidney disease (e.g. lupus nephritis)
  • Counseling for abnormalities seen in the kidneys in the ultrasound scan done during pregnancy (Antenatal counseling)
  • Management of kidney dysfunction in patients with Inborn errors of metabolism (e.g. Hereditary Fructose Intolerance, Tyrosinemia, Glycogen storage disease etc)

Clinic address:

322, Ashwamegh Elegance, Near kalyan Jewelers, Bhudarpura Road,
Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380006
Time: 12 Noon to 6 PM (Mon to Friday)
Tel: 079-2640 7088
Mobile: 90996-87414